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Bustamante Barking Mad Cycling Challenge

(From Left is: Al Barnes MD of Red Stripe, Gornon Barnes, Mavin Anderson President of Endurance Cycling Club and Vaughn Phang President of the Jamaica Cycling Federation.)

Charity aid for 7 children that are in need of heart surgery. After seeing the struggles that the Bustamante Hospital has to undertake, just to provide the necessary needs to perform it’s regular day to day function, Mr. Al Barnes and company decided that a fundraiser would be the ideal way to go. That’s when he thought of riding around the island, to raise sufficient funds for 7 children to get their open heart surgery done. His goal was to raise $20,000 € for the cause. That target has been met and all 7 kids will have a shot at a normal life as they should. Thanks to all those how made this a reality. Especially to the three persons that made it around the entire island in 32 1/2 hours of continous riding, even through the cold of night. Mr. Al Barnes, Gordon Barnes and Mavin Anderson. Spur Tree was the most difficult task for the group, but they endured the challenge.  Even with a gear deficiency, the goal was too important to loss focus. I hope that next year the turn of cyclist will be more than this time around.

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SEEK Sponsored Team Award @ the 2009 Sunshine Classic

The Endurance family wishes to thank SEEK BOOKS for there contribution in this years “SUNSHINE CLASSIC 2009 ”. The club presented these two photos of the presentation to the winning team and one with the entire team, to the company in appreciation of there commitment to our Club and the Sport of CYCLING in Jamaica.


Kingston Based Fresh Vibes is the winners of the team event. Making the
Presentation is Mr. Vaughn Phang (JCF President) to team manager
Hardley Wright with team member Linford Blackwood to the left and
Oneil Samuels the “SUNSHINE CLASSIC 2009 ” champion to the right.


From The left is Cleveland Sharp, Dave Beckford, Richard Smith, Linford Blackwood, Oneil Samuel and in the front from the left is Hopeton Paterson, Richard Bowen and Hardley Wright.

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Irie Fm’s Headliner

April 8, 2009
The  Pacers  Cycling  Club  Powerade/WATA  sponsored  Invitational Cycling   series  continues  this  weekend  with  another two  events.
The  cyclists  will  be  at  Port  Royal  on  Saturday for  the  11  miles  circuit  race  starting  at  7  in  the  morning. They   will  take  to  the  track  on  Sunday  inside  the  National  Stadium  at  11:am.
This  weekend  will  also  see  the  club  champions  being  decided: Triple C  of  Montego Bay   are  the  current  leaders  followed  by  Endurance  of  Portmore  and  Pacers  of  Kingston.
The  likes  of  Marlo  Rodman  of  the  Endurance  Club and   Lionel Stewart  of   Triple C will  also  be  sharpening  up  for  the  Palo  Seco  Games  in Trinidad   and  Tobago  next  week  which  will  involve  riders  from  South  America  and  Europe.
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Up coming events

Next on the Calendar for Endurance is:

May 10,2009 – God Pea Memorial in May Pen @ the town square.

May 31, 2009 – Bike-A-Thon in Mobay. This will take us from Mobay to St. Ann and back to Mobay. An average of 75km road race.

Sunday June 21, 2009. Cycle Fest at Heroes Circle. Elite , Masters, Juniors and Recreational riders.

Saturday June 27, 2009. Jamaica Cycling Federation National Championship’s. Time Trial route is from Port Royal – Bournemouth – Port Royal. The Road Race is from Ochi Rios to Trelawney and back to Ochi Rios.

Saturday August 8-9, 2009. Masters Classic. Two days of racing , witch will see the senior guys go up against the toughest in there age group. 40-50 miles. 3 Races, 2 Road and 1 Crit.

Saturday August 15-16, 2009. Sunshine Classic. This is wear the big boys come out to play and play long, hard and rough. Two days of the strongest competition, from some of the countries top cyclist. Along with some international invitees. 3 Races. 2 Road (75km & 135km) and 1 Crit.

August 2009 – Tour of Jamaica. TBA (Replace with the SUNSHINE CLASSIC)

With all said and done, we are in demand for more sponsors to come on board. To partner with us in order for to achieve our goals for the remainder of the season and for years to come.  Interested persons/companies can contact us at: or 133 Canal Street, West Port Bridge Port P.O St Catherine. Jamaica W.I.

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We have to make special mention of our sponsors.

With thanks to:  


And some silent sponsors that saw it important to lend their support to our cause. It would not have being possible with out their continuous support.

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Marlo Rodman “TOP GUN”

He is the new sensation to the cycling community, as well as the Jamaica National Team.

He started out as one with the greatest of passion for the sport of cycling. He never made anything throw him off course in reaching his goals. One of his first targets was to become a National cyclist (achieved). His next target is getting signed to a Pro Team. For Marlo the sky is the limit. He has what it takes to become the next world champion. Not burdening him with too much goals, just speaking from a fellow cyclist/team mate/president and friend’s point of view; I know if he stay focused on his goals we can look forward to a gold medal form him in the next Olympic Games “2012”

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Endurance Cycling Club Founding Executives:

President:- Mavin Anderson

Vice President:- Linval Williams

Treasurer:- Kennett Ennis

Secretayr:- Samantha Lawhoa

Club Address: 133 Canal Street, West Port Bridge Port P.O St. Catherine. Jamaica. W.I.

Email Address:

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There will be a Track meet at the National Stadium on the 29th of March starting at 1pm sharp. It will be an event of extreme quality with a lot of eye popping races for the hole family to enjoy. Hope to see you there.

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Health Benefits

The Zest and Drive yoou get from compating, both with others and personal health is out standing. The benefits of being active over the age of fifty is a remarcable acheavement at any standard. These two cyclist seen in this picture is enjoying

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How to enjoy our sport & exercise safety in numbers!

Riding is more fun when you ride with others! There’s no better source of motivation, knowledge and camaraderie than your fellow riders.

However, the prospect of joining a ride for the first time can be intimidating. Worried that you might not know “the rules” of the group ride? We’ve got you covered! Just read the following suggestions.

Group riding is like having your own Tour de France!


Pick The Right Group Ride
Group-ride levels and objectives vary. Determining the group’s goal and pace will ensure that you join a ride that’s right for you. Is the ride social or sadistic? Is it considered a training ride or a training race? How far will the group go? What route will it follow? What are the rendezvous points? Are there any rest stops? Will quicker riders wait for those who’ve been dropped? Answer these questions before the ride so you don’t jump into a blistering hammerfest when all you wanted was a social “coffee” ride and vice versa. If you’re not sure what a ride offers, ask us.

Don’t Be Late
Many riders have a limited amount of time to ride. So group rides typically start within minutes of the official starting time. If you’re late, you’ll miss out. Plus, if you hold the group up, you’ll make a bad first impression. And, don’t forget to allow for donning your equipment, pumping up your tires and reassembling your bike if you drive to the start. It’s a good idea to arrive at least ten minutes early.

Ride Carefully And Considerately
Bikes are considered vehicles, just like cars, and are required to obey the same traffic laws. And, getting a traffic ticket or placing your fellow riders in danger is certain to make a bad impression. Make sure that any actions you take are possible for those behind you. Avoid darting in front of cars while making a right or crossing an intersection when only 2 or 3 riders can successfully get across. It’s a natural tendency to follow the rider ahead of you and having to make a split-second decision whether to cross or not places the cyclists behind you in jeopardy.

Communication is the key to safe group rides. Because roads are full of traffic and hazards, and because visibility is limited when riding in a group, it’s important to warn others about hazards and to remain alert at all times to the warnings shouted and pointed out.

Warnings you’re likely to hear include:
Line up: there’s a car approaching the group from the rear Heads up: car approaching from the front/left/right
Car right (or left): a car’s approaching on a cross street
Stopping: the group is stopping for a stop sign or light
Walker up: there’s a pedestrian on the road ahead
Gravel, Sand, Glass or Hole: there’s a road hazard ahead Wide : Obstruction ahead necessitating going wide   Move Off the Road When You Stop – Whether you are stopping because of mechanical problems or to regroup with your companions, move well off the road so you don’t interfere with traffic. It is usually best for the lead rider to pull forward in the stopping area and for other riders to pull in behind the rider in front of them. As a courtesy, during regroups the last cyclist in controls when the group will restart.  

Riding Two Abreast – Ride single file or double file as appropriate to the roadway and traffic conditions and where allowed by law. Even where riding double is legal, set a good example and be an ambassador for cycling. Courtesy dictates that you single up when cars are trying to pass you if the lane is wide enough for them to safely do so.
Don’t let this happen to you!

Ride Smart To Stay Safe
Group-ride dynamics are interesting and ever-changing. As the pace and terrain changes, the pack stretches and compresses. The latter can cause some very tight quarters and even an occasional crash. In order to ride safely it’s important to ride smoothly and avoid hard braking as much as possible. In fact, even light braking or swerving by someone in front can have a ripple effect and cause problems at the rear of the pack. Inexperienced riders who panic and touch a wheel may crash. Never fear! You can avoid problems by practicing these simple rules:

1. Stay alert at all times. Never assume that it’s safe. Keep “reading” the dynamics of the group and always leave yourself an out by keeping on opening to one side that you can escape through if there’s a crash or obstacle you have to avoid.

2. Hold your line. This means swerving as little as possible. If you need to move left or right, do so gradually after checking the area for other riders and pointing out your move to make your fellow riders aware of your intentions. If you notice that someone is swerving, he’s probably tired or inexperienced. Stay away from him!

3. Don’t overlap wheels. Overlapping is putting your front wheel next to someone’s rear wheel. This is asking for trouble, because if they move, they’ll bump your front wheel knocking you down. Try to always be behind the bike(s) in front unless you’re passing.

4. Don’t look back! Looking back causes even skilled riders to swerve, which can cause a crash. If you must look back, ask the person next to you if you can put your hand on their shoulder. That will keep you riding straight so that when you look back, you won’t swerve.

5. Relax! Use a relaxed grip on the handlebars, keep your shoulders down (not up against your neck) and bring your elbows down and in so that they’re slightly bent. These steps will help you stay relaxed, which allows quicker reaction time and prevents tension in the neck and shoulders that can lead to fatigue and sloppy riding.
6. Focus on the rider(s) ahead. Don’t make the common mistake of focusing on the back wheel in front of you. Look up at the shoulders of the riders ahead and occasionally look at the road ahead and the riders up front so you can see what’s going on and be prepared for sudden changes.
Don’t brake unless absolutely necessary. If you must brake, do so lightly to scrub off a little speed. You can also slow down by sitting upright and catching more wind in your chest.
8. Warn others of hazards. Keep on the lookout for things that could cause problems and shout out a warning or point out the hazard.
9. Pass carefully. Sometimes you’ll see the riders ahead starting to accelerate and you’ll want to jump up to them. Be careful! Make sure you’re not going to get cut off or cut someone else off. Usually, a moment’s hesitation is all it takes to make the move safely.

10. If you get tired, move to the rear. Fatigue causes dangerous riding, so it’s safer to go to the back of the group than to be in the middle of the action. Don’t just swerve and slow, though! Tell those around you that you’re dropping back so it’s a safe move.

Be Prepared

You travel further and faster in the group. Be prepared for the challenges of the ride. Learn the route ahead of time to ensure you don’t get lost. Also, if you know the route, it’s easier to shortcut the ride if you get into trouble.

Always bring a tube, a pump and any tools you need. Bringing a cell phone and cash is a good idea, too. And keep in mind that not all rides stop for flat tires, so you may be riding in alone if you puncture.

Provide Camaraderie and Support – Remember we are a social recreational bicycle club. Watch out for you fellow cyclist before, during and after the ride. Help make newcomers welcome by introducing yourself. Dont immediately spin off to join up with your old cycling buddys, but spend a portion of the ride with the new cyclist. Give them some information on the club, the route and introduce them to your friends. If the newcomer appears to be having gear or equipment problems, dont pedal impatient circles in the parking lot, get off your bike and offer some assistance. The ride will get moving that much quicker and you may need the favor returned some day.


Join The Fun!
Group rides can be immensely rewarding. You get a great workout, cover more distance than you would alone and get to hang out with friends. You might even stop for coffee and conversation. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and join the gang!

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